1.1 How much beer is in a Blade beer keg?

A keg holds eight litres of beer.

1.2 Where can I buy kegs?

Depending on the country, Blade kegs can be ordered from our website or from the local Heineken beer distributor.

1.3 What brands of beer are available?

The full range of available beers is listed in the BEERS section of our website. The selection of beers we offer may vary depending on the country, and we’ll be introducing new beer brands over time.

1.4 What are the dimensions of a keg?

Each keg is delivered in a box. The box dimensions are: 209 x 215 x 381,5 mm.

1.5 How much does a keg weigh?

8,3 kg.

1.6 How should I store kegs?

Store the keg on a cool place and pre-cool the kegs at least 16 - 20 hr prior to use. The beer should be pre-chilled down to 4 ⁰C.

1.7 Can I put kegs in my freezer?

No. The keg should not go below zero degrees as this may damage the packaging and cause beer leakage. You will no longer be able to use the keg once frozen.

1.8 What is the shelf life of a keg?

6 months.

1.9 How long does it take to chill a keg?

Cooling down a beer keg directly in the BLADE appliance will take more than 24 hours. If you did not pre-cool your keg, you will be able to pour your first chilled beers after 3 or 4 hours. After that, you can pour every hour around 1 litre of beer.

1.10 Can I take out a keg before it is empty?

Once a keg is open, you have to keep it in your Blade appliance. You can store the open keg for up to 30 days. This will keep the beer at the right pressure and freshness. You can take the keg out before it is empty, but once removed it should not be consumed.

1.11 Can I open a keg and serve the beer like a can or glass bottle?

No, the keg is specifically designed to be used with Blade. The beer inside the keg needs to be kept under controlled pressure, otherwise the beer will not be the quality you would expect. Piercing a keg is only allowed when the keg is fully empty and disconnected from the appliance.

1.12 Can I use kegs with other home draught appliances? No, the 8 litre beer keg is designed specifically for the Blade appliance.

1.13 What should I do if my keg leaks?

The kegs are sturdy, but they could leak if they freeze or they are punctured. If you have a keg that was leaking when you received it, please contact your local Customer Service.


2.1 What is Blade?

Blade is an 8-litre countertop draught dispenser that provides a freshly tapped beer.

2.2 Where can I buy Blade?

Depending on the country, Blade can be ordered directly from the Heineken Local Draught beer organisation or online on

2.3 What are the dimensions of Blade?

Dimensions including drip tray are the following: 590 x 290 x 471 mm (h x w x d).

2.4 How much does the appliance weigh?

17,6 kg (26 kg including a keg).

2.5 Is Blade battery powered or do you plug it in?

Blade is not battery powered. Blade must be plugged into the wall mains with a 2 meter power cable.

2.6 Should I leave the appliance plugged in?

When a beer keg is loaded in Blade, it should stay plugged in. We recommend unplugging the appliance when it does not have a keg installed.

2.7 How energy efficient is Blade?

The energy consumption will be approximate 0,8 kWh per day. This is comparable to a 35 Watt lamp in your outlet.

2.8 How do I load a beer keg into Blade?

Check out our HOW IT WORKS section.

2.9 How do I know when my beer is cold enough?

The temperature gauge uses a sensor to indicate the temperature on the exterior of the keg. The optimum drinking temperature is when the pointer of the temperature gauge is at the bottom of the scale. Note: use only pre-cooled kegs at a temperature of 3-4 ⁰C.

2.10 Is it possible to regulate the temperature of Blade?

The Blade appliance chills to 2 °C and cannot be set to any other temperature.

2.11 My Blade appliance makes a noise while cooling the beer keg - is this a problem?

No. You will hear the fan at the back of the cooling system when the appliance is cooling the keg.

2.12 My appliance makes noise when I pour beer. Is this a problem?

No. You will hear the air pump inside the appliance during pouring. After closing the tap, the pump will be in operation till the controlled pressure is reached. This can take a few seconds.

2.13 How do I clean my Blade appliance?

Unplug Blade before cleaning the inside and outside with a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth to clean the cover and a dry cloth to clean the cooling chamber. Blade should never be immerged in water. Harsh cleaning agents may damage the appliance.

Clean the drip tray with warm, soapy water after every use.

We recommend cleaning the tap every time you load a new beer keg to avoid contamination and mixing different beers.

2.14 I lost my Blade user manual. Where can I find it?

The Blade user manual is delivered with the appliance. You can also download it in the HOW IT WORKS section.

2.15 What will Blade look like in my outlet?

Download and print the Blade marker here, and use the augmented reality kit for Android or for iOS Place_Blade_Marker.pdf download Place Blade Marker PDF

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