Excite your customers with world famous beers


    Blade® is a revolutionary professional beer draught system. Blade's small footprint and innovative compression system that doesn't require CO2 or other gasses allows you to serve premium draught beer from any countertop.

      About this product

      • Product Details

        Chills beer to 2°C

        Temperature of beer in glass 3°C

        Keg volume - 8 Litre

        Dimensions 590H x 290W x 471D mm

        Weight 17.6 kg (26 kg including keg)


        Energy consumption 70 Watt

        Noise level < 70 dB

        100% recyclable packaging (carton only) and beer kegs


        Tap handle

        Drip tray

        2 m power cable

        Instruction manual

      • Easy to Use and Install

        Plug & pour from any countertop. Switching kegs was never this simple.

      • Serve Draught Beer Anywhere

        Blade has a small physical footprint. All you need is a counter and a socket.

      • Unbeatable Taste

        Serve fresh beer at 2°C thanks to an innovative air compression system that doesn’t require CO2 or other additives.

      • Different Beers on Tap

        Easily switch between a wide variety of beers.

      How it works

      BLADE works with innovative kegs that are pressured by air and super easy to switch.